BRACHIN LLC helps Successful companies to understand the business imperatives and to link analytics and information security to support the business imperatives. Big Data projects need to begin in the Company’s boardroom with support from our Big Data Subject Matter Experts and Analyst. Our industry Subject Matter Experts help you match your business goals and objectives with the technology solutions. BRACHIN LLC employees Data Science PHDs who have research skills, find patterns in Big Data, and write statistical models. Big Data projects need a solid understanding of the business requirements and benefits. The technology is a tool to achieve the business goals and objectives. BRACHIN LLC is a leading Big Data, Analytics and Information Security Software firm. We have a national presence throughout the country, providing services to clients in the commercial and public sectors.

BRACHIN LLC’s offers business intelligence, information security, regulatory compliance, and technology software and consulting services. We serve clients, providing assistance with information and business risk management, Big Data, analytics operations improvement, and business intelligence performance improvement.

Our Core Competence is:
Cyber Security Compliance Solutions
Information Security: Vulnerability Management, Information Security and Rapid Detection Services
Big Data and Analytics: Oracle and SAP HANA.

Federal Government Procurement Contract: GSA Schedule 70 GS35F104DA. Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB).