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Brachin is an independent International Recruitment - Executive Search firm with traditional values, integrity, a modern outlook and an outstanding record of success in filling positions for a diverse and growing client base. Brachin is an Executive Search firm specializing in talent acquisition for multinational organizations with operations in Brazil or China. We match local and expatriate talent with multinational clients. We find the 'Right Match'. Candidates who know the ways of multinational companies and the local country. Brachin handles Passive Candidate Executive Search, Passive Candidate Recruitment and Passive Candidate Research for multinational clients. Brachin is the Leading Executive Search firm in China. Brachin is the leader in the Global Recruitment of International Executives and the Top Executive Search firm in Brazil. Brachin is your International Executive Recruiter. We will execute your China Executive Search requirements. Brachin will fill your Brazil Executive Search recruiting needs. Brachin has job opportunities in China including Hong Kong and Macao. Brachin has job vacancies in Brazil.

Established in 2000, we have more than 100 years relevant experience amongst our founding directors. This experience covers virtually every aspect of industry and commerce, is multi-discipline and includes international markets and clients.

We believe in and deliver to our clients a total quality, world class service coupled with objectivity and value for money. Our pragmatism, realism and straightforward relationships with our clients are unrivalled in our marketplace.

Top Management Compensation in China

Brachin has conducted several salary surveys in China - Executive Compensation in China. Our China Salary Survey tells us that Chinese executive compensation is linked to sales growth. The higher the salary a company pays a Chinese executive translates to higher sales for the company. We have seen a correlation between cash compensation for the highest paid executives in China to shareholder value. Chinese executives are not penalized for declining profits and are not rewarded for increasing profits. However, we are seeing a new trend of pay for performance for top management in China.

Venture Capital in China

Brachin is a Chinese Executive Search firm and Chinese Headhunter. We have found that Venture Capital firms in China have been a positive influence on CEO compensation in China and pay for performance in ChinaChinese Venture Capital backed companies are using stock options as an incentive for performance. Chinese Venture Capital backed firms have stronger performance and higher CEO compensation than non-VC-backed firms.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

In the wake of the global financial crisis, companies are taking a more active role in enterprise risk management. Companies are reevaluating the governance structure and roles, risk policies and limits, and assurance and reporting processes. Brachin understands enterprise risk management. Brachin has conducted multiple international enterprise risk management executive search engagements. Brachin has successfully managed executive search assignments in the United States, China, Tokyo, Brazil, Macao and Hong Kong.

Executive Compensation in Brazil

Brachin has conducted several salary surveys in Brazil - Top Management Compensation in Brazil. Brachin is a Brazilian Executive Search firm. Brachin a Brazilian Headhunter finds that some executives in Brazil and Company Directors in Brazil earned more than in Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and New York. Salaries and bonuses in Brazil are getting to be high. Brazil has a booming demand for executive talent.

Executives with technical backgrounds are in limited supply in Brazil. The Brazilian oil industry and infrastructure companies in Brazil are hiring talent. Executive pay in Brazil is growing by double digits. Senior managers in China and India are seeing the same growth. Brazil has increased its demand for managers with international experience. Sao Paulo Brazil is becoming the most popular centre for Headquarters in Latin America.

With our executive search experience, Brachin is focusing on the following unique fields of industry:

Consumer Goods

Manufacturing China Brazil

Financial Services (Banking, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Insurance)

Information Technology , SAP, ERP



Professional services (HR, PR, Finance, Supply Chain, and Legal)


Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices


Real Estate


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