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The use of Interim General Managers is increasing for 3, 6 or 12 month assignments. As activity in the areas of acquisitions, disposals or under performing subsidiaries increases, so has the need for interim Managing Directors. With our generalist recruiting background and the significant number of Managing Directors we recruit into permanent positions in any given year, it gives us a substantial talent bank of qualified, experienced Managing Directors who are immediately available for short to long term assignments.

We have contacts in most business sectors and can present between 3 and 5 suitable candidates for consideration at reasonably short notice.

Advertising in the media has often, also, produced rapid solutions for our clients.

Often, the most effective way to make a change is to hire an Interim General Manager. The requirement may be to hire an Interim CEO, COO or Vice President. Brachin surveys the market for daily and hourly rates to get the best value for our clients. Our Consultants and Interim Managers are Industry Specialists. We know your market and are able to provide solutions to your requirements. Brachin has a quality control process to insure the best candidates and fill rates. The results of our quality delivery is that most of our work is repeat work. Repeat work is one of the key benefits that Brachin offers to our Interim Managers because it translates to high continuity of assignments for our Interim Managers.

Executives On Demand

Brachin offers clients the services of executives on an ad-hoc basis or on demand. with the Executives On Demand services, Clients can augment their workforce to meet additional business requirements without the limitations and timeframes of hiring permanent employees. Clients have additional project demands, and an over worked workforce that is not able to meet the new project requirements. Brachin provides clients with senior management talent to meet the business requirements.

With our executive search experience, Brachin is focusing on the following unique fields of industry:

Consumer Goods

Manufacturing China Brazil

Financial Services (Banking, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Insurance)

Information Technology , SAP, ERP



Professional services (HR, PR, Finance, Supply Chain, and Legal)


Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices


Real Estate



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