China Executive Search


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The Clients Interests Are Paramount:

Trust is at the centre of the relationship between client and consultancy. Confidential, sensitive and important management problems are being entrusted to the consultancy. Fees and expenses are being paid by the client. Time and resources are being committed by the consultancy. For the exchange to be successful and enduring, this trust has to be put above all.

A Total Objective Approach:

In fulfilling the recruitment requirement, we apply a completely objective consulting approach without any pre-conditions or assumptions as to the method. Executive Search, Management Selection using advertising and the Internet, or a combination of the two will be used after appropriate discussions and agreement with the client.

High Quality, Recommended Candidates Only:

We will only introduce a candidate to a client who fits the agreed specification and who is of the highest quality in all respects. We adopt a positive, rather than a passive consulting approach making recommendations regarding individual candidates to clients. Our recommendations are substantive.

Speed with an Agreed Timetable:

We work quickly at a commercial pace and commit ourselves to completing the assignment fully and within an agreed timescale that is established at the start of each assignment.

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